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I was born and raised in NYC so architecture has been my world ever since I could remember.


My passion for art is how it all began.  As a tot I would always attempt to draw floor plans by walking around the house with a 12" ruler to measure each room and I enjoyed drawing cartoons, especially superheroes.


I earned my BS in Architecture and my MA in Energy Management from NYIT in New York City.  This was the best way I could marry the two things that I love the most, design and sustainability.


My expertise is in residential renovations and have participated in the design of homes up to 4,000 Sq. Ft.   



Certifications / Licenses:


  • OSHA 10 Hour






  • IFC (International FireStop Council) 8Hour Course

  • Class 2 Filing Representative

  • Advanced Certificate in Facilities Management

  • Sitting for ARE 4.0 

  • Asbestos Investigator - NYS 14 - 15941




With over 15 years of experience, Madison has a long track record of delivering complex projects with a global reach and is able to manage the project delivery team through the entire life-cycle, from client inquiry to invoice. He possesses skills within the A/E community, which enable him to elicit cooperation from clients, other city/state municipalities and senior management.  Madison is a candidate for the ARE 4.0 and is working towards attaining licensure.  He is also completing a Mechanical Engineering program in order to become a licensed P.E. as well.  The perfect marriage of the two professions.


Core competencies:


  • Leading project teams in the delivery of client requirements from inception to completion

  • Coordination/management of all project activity and ensuring project deliverables are achieved to plan

  • Setting up and delivering the best practice PM systems and controls

  • Establishing a rapport with clients and becoming the focal point for communication

  • Evaluating risks and developing strategies to overcome project obstacles

  • Has managed budgets upwards of 1 million dollars.

  • Demonstrate commitment to safety throughout a projects lifespan

  • Fully aware of the commercial & contractual aspects of any projects

  • Managing a diverse team of professionals

  • Resolving/escalating issues in a timely fashion





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