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Francisco is a civil engineer who graduated from the University Santa Maria (USM) with a focus on civil engineering.  He later received his Bachelor's Degree in structural engineering from the Catholic University Andres Bello (UCAB).  He has 4 years of working experience at the second World's Largest Industrial Refinery Complex: Center Venezuela Paraguana. 


Commercial and residential areas of focus:


  • Calculate and simulate reinforced concrete buildings and steel structures.

  • 2D or 3D design drafting using AutoCAD & 3D Studio Max

  • Simulate through Finite Element Method (FEM) and reinforced concrete metal parts.

  • Structural Analysis using (ETABS) and other general industry computer programs of engineering.


Professional Experience & Project Highlights:


·      Inspector Civil QA / QC in expanding the Technical Building. Cardon refinery (390,000 bbl. /


·      Design and construction of building 4 levels intended for technical (280 technicians) using


·      Design and inspection QA / QC construction of industrial sheds for storage of critical materials             and spares.

·      Structural evaluation and inspection QA / QC temporary for repairing bases, platforms,            

       pedestals and foundations heat exchangers, drums and similar equipment in refining plants


·      Development larger project civil maintenance of plant and equipment and facilities of the

       Paraguana Refining Center.

·      Issuance of inspection reports including 2D and 3D drawings designs hydraulic concrete

       mixtures of high demand for services in harsh environments oil refinery construction.

·      Design and inspection QA / QC of fireproofing and RDC (Controlled Density Fill) for oil refining


·      Structural evaluation of NAFTA storage tanks for replacement items associated roof deck.

·      Civil evaluation and inspection QA / QC for repairing pits sulfur (placement and installation of

       the membrane, mortar and bricks antacids).

·      Civil Engineer QA / QC of civil works in the oil industry docks and facilities.

·      Design of drainage systems and repair of embankments in natural reservoir FORS 3 (FUEL OIL

       RESERVOIR 3) with a capacity of 8,000,000 barrels.


Publication Credits:


  • "Windbreaker structure to reduce the drag of coke in the Deep Conversion Units in Oil Refineries. Case: Paraguana Refining Center - Cardon refinery. Using a design semi-profound foundations through the Sulzberger method, tapered columns and cables structural use. " Cardon refinery - Venezuela 01-04-2012





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